Babies Sleep Better In A Grobag Sleeping Bag

Grobag Organic Swaddling – Kiddicare

The grobag swaddling is a organic wrap that has been especially designed to make swaddling simple. The swaddling effect recreates the comforting feeling that baby had in the womb and makes baby feel secure at all times. Swaddling helps your baby to sleep undisturbed by preventing the ‘moro reflex´, which is where newborn babies have the tendency to startle themselves by suddenly moving their arms during sleep. The swaddling blanket can also be used for underarm swaddling as the baby starts to get bigger, therefore still providing the comfort and security that they have become used to.

Grobag Swaddling Features:

  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Tumble dry low
  • Lightweight shaped wrap
  • No velcro, poppers or zips
  • 100% Stretchy organic cotton
  • Suitable from birth to 3 months

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