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Grobags Get British Standard Approval

Grobags Get British Standard Approval

grobag british standard Grobags Get British Standard ApprovalCongratulations to the Gro company as their Grobag sleeping bags are leading the way in safety by meeting BSI’s new specification, BS 8510:2009, which details the safety criteria for all Baby Sleep Bags.

The Gro Company has been involved in the development of this British Standard from the start. In 2001 Rob & Ouvrielle Holmes worked with Intertek Testing and together took their own in-house safety standard to the Baby Products Association (BPA) and asked them to develop a voluntary code of practice that would perhaps one day be the basis for a British Standard. Four years after the BPA Code of Practice was published and work commenced on the British Standard.

Today Rob and Ouvrielle’s dreams have come true with the official publication of the British Standard for Baby Sleep Bags.

Ouvrielle Holmes said;

“We are incredibly proud that so much of what is in the new British Standard has its heritage in Grobag’s own original in-house product safety and quality guidelines which we developed eight years ago. We firmly believe that Baby Sleep Bags are a far safer form of bedding for babies than traditional blankets and sheets, and that we have not only been instrumental in introducing them properly to the UK, but also making sure that those sold in the UK are safe and are used safely too. We are so proud to say that we are leading the way with our Grobags meeting the new BSI standard”.

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