Babies Sleep Better In A Grobag Sleeping Bag

Louberry Bear Grobag

Louberry Bear Grobag

The Louberry Bear design from Grobag has a delicate chequered detail and structured dots on a soft white fabric. Little ones will be greeted by the delightful little Louberry Bear who eagerly awaits his good night kiss before being tucked up in bed.

louberry bear groabg sleeping bag 277x300 Louberry Bear Grobag

Grobag sleeping bags are suitable for babies of 0-6mths who weigh 7lbs or more. The smaller size uses shoulder poppers and a side zip, and also features under arm poppers to adjust the size for smaller babies between 7-10lbs. For older babies of 18-36mths the sleeping bags have a front zip with a Zip-click cover to prevent babies from unzipping themselves.

louberry bear grobag sleeping bag 02 277x300 Louberry Bear Grobag

The Louberry Bear Grobag sleeping bag is available in two tog ratings (1 and 2.5 tog). They both have a lovely 100% soft cotton outer and 100% super soft cotton jersey inner lining and are. They are also machine washable at up to 40°C and can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Grobag Sleeping Bag – Louberry Bear
tog10 Louberry Bear GrobagIdeal for summer or daytime naps at room temperature of 21-23cCheck Prices
tog25 Louberry Bear GrobagSuitable all year round for room temperatures of between 10c and 20cCheck Prices

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