Babies Sleep Better In A Grobag Sleeping Bag

What Is A Grobag Sleeping Bag?

What Is A Grobag Sleeping Bag?

So you may have heard of the amazing Grobag sleeping bag, but do you know what one is?

Grobag sleeping bags are a great new way of putting your baby to bed. In the old days baby would have gone to sleep wrapped in one or more sheets or blankets. The trouble with sheets and blankets is that if baby has a restless night they will usually end up being kicked off and then baby wakes up because of the cold.

grobag sleeping bag What Is A Grobag Sleeping Bag?

Because they are just like normal sleeping bags, a Grobag sleeping bag solves this problem. You place your baby inside the sleeping bag, but their head and arms remain on the outside. This gives baby freedom to move but the sleeping bag is held in place by shoulder straps. Baby’s body is kept lovely and warm and, as a result, a good night’s sleep is (almost) guaranteed.

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